Tuesday, 28 February 2012

you can tell..

if a woman has not much going on in her life if all that she posts in her blog are vanity photos of herself:

and somehow thats true.

there is really not much going on.


a) work --although the stuff are interesting for a read, but because of confidentiality clauses i am not allowed to write about it. and keeping the story as unindentifiable is not as interesting because the names are part of the fun.

b) adrian and chelo saga- yes, anymore on this blog is puke-inducing.

c) healthy lifestyle- thus the vanity photos. which brings back to the main gist of this blog.

here are some photos which i hope you'll excuse because this blog will be my gauge on how far i've come with losing the poundage..

the photos before the pub night:


and on Saturday night recently, i went to a colleague's leaving party and a birthday of one of our colleagues who also was her housemate. it was a fun night, but sadly i wasnt able to take photos in the party. i was busy making new friends and acquaintances.

so i came home at 2 am, Adrian also just came home from his night out with his buddies in the library centre. he said i looked nice, which prompted me to take photos of myself.

i was barefoot, so i grabbed the shoes nearest me:

ok, not yet ready here..

Adrian said, "you wore different shoes when u came in..wear them in the photos"..he is learning how to direct me, bless.


oh the vanity.


my healthy lifestyle is indeed keeping up because i watch these photos and it reminds me to keep going. it inspires me that the hardwork i am putting in are getting results.

happy 5th month, healthy lifestyle (feb 27). here's to more months/years of living healthy (ier) ;-)

pub night

one thing about living in Norfolk, is that the pubs here are not only un-chained (not part of a big chain,lol) -- most are family run which gives that personal feel of the place.

apart from great ales, the pubs here in Norfolk are gastronomic adventures in itself. they have proper restaurant chefs.

Adrian and i thought of having to taste as many pubs in the county of Norfolk as much as we can while we live here.

a week ago, i wasnt feeling well. so Adrian asked me to go across the house and have fish and chips.

sadly, we went late so they ran out of fish and chips (which is very popular on a friday night) so we had something else.

i tried a swig of Adrian's ale

it was awful (for my taste.. Adrian swears its a good ale)

i love it when he is happy

british pub

adrian's garlic mushroom starter

my duck spring roll

steak and ale mushroom pie and a plateful of veggies

my fave from the local pub: their prawn green curry.


i am looking forward to getting a good sweep of all pubs in this side of West Norfolk.. i have a year or two to do that.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

i am in love with this woman

..because she says so much truth we wish we said ourselves.

‘fat bottomed girls’.
“if every bastard who had ever judged my body
were lined up in front of me
firing squad-style
and i was given the right
to do with them as i pleased,
i would be at a loss.
i would probably yell
—eat me!—
because i love a good fat girl pun,
but there’s nothing else left inside
to make them understand
the extreme ignorance and misspent pain they embody.
you can all just fucking EAT ME.
devour my scarlet throbbing flesh
like junior high vultures
like sorority pledge councils
like debutante beauty queens
i don’t look like you
what the fuck else is new?
there is no footnote
in the regulations index of my life
that tells me i have to sleep on ellipticals
and suck down the hopeful semen
of boys named jimmy
until you understand my body.
you won’t ever understand my body.
i am miss piggy, i am mama cass, i am fucking aretha.
and i love being these women.
i love being fat.
my thighs shriek rough and ready sex
like downtown thunder
my ass drips vanilla milkshakes
and my personal style is baby gay madonna
meets crop top goth
being fat doesn’t make me different,
—fuck, i look like america—
but loving that i’m fat
makes me a pillsbury rebellion.
i hold protests in my mouth
when i eat in public
picket signs wallpaper my willing body
when i dance naked in my apartment.
RIOTS NOT DIETS is tattooed across my chest
and i live for the moment
when i shock you into silence.
because being me is political
and you never voted for this shit.
body image is just bad english for
how hard you stomp the sidewalk
or how many cracks in the mirror
you’ve traced.
i may have been picked last in softball,
but i was nationally ranked in tennis,
and you’ll never be ready for this jelly
because all you nibble on
are sad-ass spoonfuls of
organic low sodium peanut butter.
yeah, i tend to date black guys
and i rarely say no to a homemade baked good
but that says no more about me than —
how you chew big red compulsively when you’re nervous, or
how you can never say no to your mother —
says about you.
so just let it be.
we’re grown-ups now, i think.
there are no more lunch time kickball teams,
and i already have a date to the next dance.
so when you feel the need
to pretend to be concerned
about my health or well-being
just know that i’ve already let go of the trigger
firing squad-style
just know that you don’t have
to count the calories
when i tell you
to fucking eat me.”

here is her tumbler page;-)


valentine images

..because i want to,lol;-).. just to prove i don't only take pics of myself every single day;-p

my sister and i share the love for moschino bags

red velvet cupcakes..;-)

how was valentines day?

we attended a wedding on valentines day.

my ninang Celsa from Cebu arrived in England and rang me out of nowhere, and asked me if i could witness her daughter's wedding on valentines day.

it was quite a surprise as i was not expecting a phone call from her,much more,being in england in the middle of a very bad winter and a wedding to boot.

So adrian and i grabbed the opportunity to celebrate our Valentines day in the company of fellow cebuanos in a very meaningful way.--what could be more meaningful than a wedding on valentines day?


some pics from the day:-)

i made myself up. knowing it was freezing cold and my lips were chapped so much from the cold, i decided i could not wear any lipstick at all. so i played with my eyes..and just slicked lipbalm on the lips

in the car.. i still have not got over the novelty over losing (some) weight..
i miss seeing my neck. it's very childish but i must indulge.

adrian's photo of me when we got to the carpark

sitting in the register office,waiting for the bride and groom

Ninang C, walking Jan to her groom..
it was emotional because i know my ninong wanted to be there and so did Jan's siblings.

an iphone photo of the bride and groom with their parents

arriving at the reception..a photo with ninang C

ok,it was cold, so i had to put my jacket on again.

my partner for life;-)
he got emotional at the wedding..such a softie.

a pic with ninang and Sheila.. Sheila is also ninang's goddaughter who lives in the UK. she called all her inaanaks so we all could attend her daughter's wedding.it was lovely meeting her (Sheila), also a cebuana, and speak with someone once again in good Visayan tongue.

Sol (Sheila's sister-in-law), Tito Jun and Tita Babes (Tita Babes is ninang C's sister,
and tito Jun is her husband)

saying goodbye..we had to travel to Norfolk that night, and Sheila and her husband and kids had to travel to Bristol.

saying goodbye to the bride..and her friends

because it was a long drive home, we stopped for some coffee with extra espresso shots.

our valentine date,lol.

coffee at Earl's court Costa.

reading an article that Adrian pointed out about Whitney Houston.

Valentine happy;-)


it was so nice to be in the company of people from cebu. hearing the language and be with people you know from home just made the valentines day more special.

..and most of all: we had lechon at the reception,too;-) that was the biggest bonus of all;-)



how did you spend your valentines day?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

26th of september 2011

i celebrated turning 35 in my favourite thai restaurant near our other home. we actually celebrated on the 25th, as the 26th was a Monday, and we were travelling to a different part of england on the day.

it was a celebration of many reasons. for turning another year older, for getting my dream rotational post, and for moving to a different part of the country.

the birthday dinner was fun, even though it was just the two of us;-)

Sukothai restaurant..

the starter

thai inspired vases

my partner in crime

but of course;-)

prawn pad thai

pork in black bean sauce

yummy food

my fave special rice

another pork dish

they were quiet on a sunday night

happy birthday dearest me;-)

a chicken dish

my pla sam rot.. fish in sweet and sour sauce


and the birthday girl..

i can still remember my excitement that night


the next day, i started my new job, where i found out, i was so unfit and got so tired by noon. (while fifty-something colleagues walked faster than me,and were breathing normally up and down the stairs. it was a wake up call). topping it all, everyone were so into keeping healthy in my workplace that i couldnt help but get inspired to do the same.

on the 27th, i decided i need to shape up. (well, the above reasons, and a lot more got me into exercise once again).

get active. slow, baby steps. a 1 or 2 year plan to get to my goal weight. no crash dieting, no crash whatsoever, no shortcuts. no dieting,even. (the diet change came when i started losing some weight,and i got even more challenged to do more)

just a lifestyle change. not even an overhaul. and that's another blog altogether.