Wednesday, 27 July 2011


yesterday, adrian and i passed by camden, or Winehouse country as i would love to call it. we passed by the tribute and memorial for Amy Winehouse. there were hoardes of fans and journalists from around the world. her house was just across the camden square which we passed by, and when we saw the people, we knew it was Amy Winehouse's memorial. we stopped for a bit and took some pics. it was so sad.

there were fans dancing and celebrating her life by bringing drinks and put their stereo's volume high up and played all of Amy's songs while they had a dance (albeit drunkenly).

i felt sad when i heard she died. apart from her songs are amazing, its not right when someone so young die because of substance abuse. she needed help. but it was a kind of help only she could have done for herself.


the famous Camden locks

its now a thriving waterside complex of resto-bars..

oh, but before that, we popped by here.

the Adoration chapel of the Westminster Cathedral so beautiful..;-)

after that, Adrian and i had our fill of chinese buffet. i was craving for some really insanely unhealthy chinese chicken wings and noodles, we just had to go to our favourite chinese buffet down shaftesbury avenue.

Monday, 25 July 2011

picnic afternoon

i have promised my family and friends i need to post their pictures which i owe them. they are annoyed at me and they are literally nagging me to rush my ass off and post their pics on FB (because thats where they are).

but, i love my little corner here. i feel happy in my blog, so i cannot pass without posting these pictures here too.

i have just posted these pictures in facebook. one of the few moments i had with my sister when she was here in the uK;-)

taken last April 2010


the sister i miss so dearly

our picnic spread

look here, no there, no,here!

my sister found the bread's shape too funny..we bought it in a rush on the way to
the,it wasn't a freudian slip at all,LOL;-)

she was looking out in the horizon and whispering 'thanks' for being where she was..and maybe some of her dreams


here are some more photos from the digicam

learn from me: when your beauty is 'alanganin' never look miserable.
it will just worsen it,hehe.

oh we all love,Cath

cheese,butter,crackers,chocolates,champagne, salmon and crackers..we're set

she feels happy here;-)

ok, i love this angle,LOL..i remember,i didn't want my photos taken..

oh i miss you little sister..come back na!!;-)


PS> my sister moved her blog.. like all of us,she is still finding her blogself..

hopefully,THIS is it.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

kharla at the natural history museum

old photos from last year..(my girlfriends teased me last night how i'm greedy/lazy with my pictures and that they're never posing for me again if i dont post them).

took Kharla to the Natural History Museum..but we had lunch before that..

i love Dino's..sadly their South Kensington resto has been hit by the recession and is now closed

missing her

the pizza with olives and anchovies was one of the best

outside the Natural History Museum

posing with an ancient relic

reading the facts

some more interesting finds in the place

she is generous and kind;-) and we love to tease her

by the grand stairs inside the museum

in our Skype sessions, i showed her these photos and she said,how come i haven't posted them yet? she and leah laughed and teased me that they'll never have their pictures taken again if i dont post their pics.. my friends are blackmailers;-)

i teased her, that the bear is her Brit boyfriend.. (R) a photo by the Harrods Dodi-Diana Memorial sign

by the memorial of Dodi Al Fayed and Diana Spencer

waiting for our tea and scones..

i miss her;-)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

a curled aspiration

found these photos on my drive today. it was the day i went to someone's birthday and i had time to kill to "poof'' up my hair.

i shared these photos to my friends this afternoon during our skype session. the photos were funny coz it reminded my cousin Kharla of one auntie of ours who never goes a day without curlers (and i have some facial similartities to her too).

its funny,some of our pics remind us of people we are not particularly fond of.

just sharing. (i liked my hair this day).


Thursday, 21 July 2011

ades + rage

wouldn't you agree?
baby you and me,got a groovy kind of love...


we dont know where we are heading in this life..
it doesn't matter, i got him.

{silly moments with adrian}

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


today was a mishmash of beautiful little moments.

i came home from work and saw that the washing i did from the night before were hanging by the washing line and obviously dried from the sun. that might be nothing to you, but for people like me who work and have no time to put in the washing line (and not sure of what weather it is today) tend to just dry my washing in the dryer. it was lovely, because nothing beats having clothes (most of the wash were towels and rugs) that smelt of sun and wind. i don't know,it just smells different. sun+wind+fabric conditioner vs dryer+ fabric conditioner is not a match. and most of all, it was Adrian who hung them on the line. ohh, i love me a house husband.

we had a nice chat and a snack of chocolate crosissant and coffee and decided to have a fish dinner. i was craving for some good old 'piniritong isda' and 'sinangag na kanin'. i live for my cravings. thats how i roll, day to day. its no wonder i am this size,but who cares right? (my diabetic doctor does,actually,haha).

after filling up with dinner, i checked my mobile and saw that i got a text from my classmate telling me that our final results are out in our university email. i hurriedly opened my mail and saw that indeed i got honours, but more than what i expected. i got an upper second class honours. Adrian was so proud of me and jokingly said, that 'not bad for a last minute student', referring to my attitude to studying which he wasnt too keen on. but at the end of the day,it really doesn't matter what i got, what matters is the love i have for the profession and to the clients i work for.

some wonderful snippets of my day, i hope you have many more in yours too;-)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

a therapeutic lunch

my classmates and i decided to have a lunch to celebrate the culmination of our university studies.

my classmate A volunteered her country pad for our lunch..

everyone had to bring something for the lunch..i brought spring rolls and some fresh strawberries from Adrian's garden.

some photos;-)


one of the many discussions we had was how annoying it is that the grad ceremony is not until next year. it will be a long wait and by then, we will not have the excitement to do the march.

(but i was fine, as i wanted my mom to be here)

also,we talked about how lucky we were to be given the chance and got the free university funding by the HSA (Health Strategic Authority, in connection with our prospective employers), but in the same breath,we know how difficult the job market is for newly qualified therapists like us since the recession and freezing of jobs in most of the public sector and private sector. we are just lucky that currently, we are in our current jobs, even if its only unqualified level.

overall, that lunch was a great way to cap off 4 years of getting to know one another, like-minded individuals who value our profession more than ever.

i cant wait for the next tete-a-tete


PS> the reason why the grad ceremony was not until next year, is bec. the university's Health and Human Sciences (which my degree comes under) does not finalize the marks until end of July and the ceremonies for graduation is first week of July. Our student organization campaigned for it to be moved to October so we could still have it this year (in october). They finally approved it,but to be first trialled next year. the next year's graduates will graduate with my group next year.needless to say, they are very thankful to our batch,haha.