Monday, 17 October 2011

this new life

today was quite hectic. just like the last few days since i started in this new life.

after work, adrian picked me up at the hospital to make it home and have some cup of tea before we head out for my dentist's appointment. it was quite unusual for me to be able to walk to the dentist's clinic and not have to drive. and for the dentist to chat with me and said,we have the same Lord for a landlord. it was supposed to be fun,if only i didn't have to be poked and prodded like a piece of meat and have my mouth open that wide for a very long time.

after the dentist, we decided to have a meal in the pub. i always suggest the pub because they're one of the few restaurants that cook a variety of meals (which has also some asian fare apart from the usual british food). Adrian had some savoury pie (gammon and sausage cream cheese potato topping) and i had my prawn curry (complete with naan bread and poppadoms). I love that they get the rice done right, so unusual in a British restaurant.


just last week, i was told i could not take my annual leave in one go. unlike the previous hospital where i worked,i could a month's leave in one full sweep. but because where i am, i am doing a rotation of sorts, i can only take a two-week leave tops in one go. i had to break the leave in bits and not in chunks. plus, because of the time i came in, i got the worst time schedules for a holiday. oh well, being in Norfolk is like being on holiday for me (for now).

saying that, this made me sad because i have (almost) 3 weeks annual leave left before April (which is another term of annual leave dates,which gives me another set of 5 weeks). now, Adrian and i are thinking where we could use this little bits of time to spend somewhere. its a shame to spend only a short time to travel long haul to cebu where fare costs an arm and a leg. portugal? paris? new york? (daydreaming of course!).

maybe our old home. i miss it,too!


on saturday, i was excited. i had whole day in London to spend money for the day. (my birthday money was spent on that day,finally). i bought myself new shoes (work shoes,though) and i also bought Adrian a pair (for his daily use).

i also bought some cosmetics (my Nars eye-primer is on its last pat), and a liquid liner from Nars,too. i went crazy, i also bought my current fave (D&G's The ONE parfum), and a Michael Kors Bag.

To think i was only there to buy the work shoes.

I hurriedly rushed home to entertain guests who needed to be fed. Crazy. Thats what happens if youre only at home in a very short time on a weekend.


here is Adrian. he is now a 'house-husband'. he is supposed to be retiring but it seems retiring is out of his agenda at the moment. he is busier than ever, and to top it all,he needs to drive me to/from work, and do the domestic works needed in the house (curtains,etc). thats part of his job description now and he also works from home doing teaching packages for two colleges and the Open University. when i got home, there were stacks of paper getting marked on the dining table.

but look at him. he looks more relaxed and happier here. he said,he cant wait for spring when he can start seeing some bulbs growing.

i hope i made the right decision. i keep asking myself uprooting my life here to Norfolk (for two years) is a big step worth enough for some lifestyle change. so far, so good. i wish it continues long.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

right now mind is brimming with alot of stories to share, and a lot of photographs to take (and to share)..

...chicken passata is cooking over the hob, while Adrian is watching the news, and im getting excited typing my life away hurriedly while thinking of checking whether the newly installed roller-blinds at the upstairs bathroom works fine.

..fawns (baby deers), partridges and rabbits are hopping in our garden. just glad im alive and healthy...

i miss you, blog.

i miss writing down and documenting the little reflections of my life.

how has life been to you?xx


photo taken from the upstairs landing this morning at 7am.

the peace and beauty of this village is priceless. i feel like im on holiday everyday..;-)