Saturday, 30 October 2010

on a diet, let me rephrase, on a blog diet.

im on a self-imposed blog diet, so not to sleep late, and be able to get on with work (healthily and not groggily), i have decided that until christmas (time-framed too,lol), i am not supposed to hang around my blogs too long.

im currently working at a resource centre and working for patients with mental illnesses, and one of the things i have learned is a good work-life balance to get a healthier outlook in life. i've noticed the more "online" i am, the less 'living' i do. (i was never good with balance). so i had to cut some 'online pursuits' for the more real-life pursuits that i need to concentrate on, because i'm not too tired.

and truth be told, i was really struggling to concentrate with work and give myself emotionally to my patients as everytime we do some assessments, its either i'm stressed, tired or feeling ill (not a good feeling when you're listening to horrendous stories from patients).

and, preparing the house for guests that will be coming here to stay with us for the christmas period is also top priority thus apart from being a worker, a student, a wife,and a DIY-master-wannabe, i have my hands full.

too full, i need new bags! (butthatsanotherstory).


my supervisor said, im doing my own therapy (work-life-balance is a big OT topic) on my self.

i really am challenging myself if i could rely on staying as less time on my blogs as possible.

hmmnn, lets see if it works.


{photo: bruschetta, prezzo, trafalgar,london}


PS: i love my current placement too: i have patients who are from different backgrounds: one's a high profile tv celebrity, a singer (who's album is an itunes hit), one who was nominated for a pulitzer prize and some people who do ordinary day-today jobs like we do.

its an exciting place to work in, yet needs 100 percent of my focus and attention, distractions are to be avoided.

but i promise to catch up with you every week, at least...x



Wednesday, 27 October 2010

beautiful headless

"honey, shame on some of your photos from your weddings, they're nice but some of it, you werent able to shoot their heads", in a very what-a-pity voice.

i love my husband. even if he thinks i keep massacre-ing my brides and groom.

"yeah, what a shame indeed".


i am immensely excited about next year.

just so many things to look forward to.

in the meantime, i have tonight.

sleep, "sinabaw" and stevart-movie marathon. (gosh, im so craving for anything soup-y these days, you'd think im lactating,haha)

have a beautiful evening, ladies and gentlemen.


{photo: vivek and christina's wedding..i'm still amazed at the amount of gold they wear in their wedding. i've never seen so much gold on anyone, and im sayng this, coming from a family of jewelers!. but thats the fascinating unique quality of their weddings in india. the more gold, the better. and yes, they all glitter}

Sunday, 24 October 2010

tomato harvest

i love that my husband has a green thumb.

he loves his garden, (when im talking about "loves his garden", it means the produce of the garden, putting effort in toiling in it, and the hard work of balancing a small garden to maximise the produce, BUT not in landscaping it--geesh, its not a pretty sight at all without the flowers he puts in them) and the hours he puts in it, depends on his availability and the weather.

its coming to winter now, so mainly, the outside is wet and soggy and he is in the throes of putting buds for next year in his makeshift nursery: our kitchen (to my consternation).

and as much as i dislike the buds comfortably sitting in our kitchen counters for the meantime (and in the back pantry) while its winter, i will never begrudge him for it. its nice to see our husbands happy, dont you think? and for the little he wants from me, with all the big things he has done and is willing to put out with me,loaning him MY kitchen and pantry (very territorial) is a little discomfort i am willing to undergo.

i love this man. and i love him happy.


photos from the last harvest, just before winter started. i think this was the very moment we arrived from Dubai.

he was so pleased that his tomatoes didnt die

him, hard at work oblivious to me taking photos of him..and the plump vine tomatoes

apart from tomatoes, this year,we had some baby potatoes, peppers, parsnips, carrots, and fruits like apples, plums, strawberries, raspberries,and a growing thick bush of rosemary. this makes me happy because it cuts down my shopping budget big time. apart from the fact, i know he keeps an organic garden. (he uses chemical-free pesticides and his soil he regularly keeps healthy by composting. these from a very small garden.

you can tell why my husband is such a laidback happy man from all this gardening..too laidback and chill as long as he has big products spurting from the backyard.

Friday, 15 October 2010

beneath it all

beneath all the laces, the trimmings

and shiny macquillage

i am the same girl you always have loved.

look for it.

look for me.


Rage, (change,be damned!) x

Thursday, 7 October 2010

my age matters

sigh, to be young and beautiful...

and yet have the wisdom we have now as our older selves,

life must be rosy..


age matters, when you start to forget things

when you start looking at yourself in the mirror

and see more lines than you welcome

and your back can only tolerate a little beating,

and your knees creak for every dance you attempt.

although i would choose my age now over

years before,

and the wisdom over past mistakes,

i am not too proud to admit

i would still want a body like that!

(tongue in cheek) =)


{photo: the wonderful Sarah E.}...=)