Thursday, 21 April 2011

its carnivore season

when it gets sunny in this country, you could hear the nationwide hiss of everyone's grills, cooking red meat on fire.

its indeed barbeque season now.

for the past two weeks,ive attended two barbeque do's. a sin, really to someone who spiritually (holy week) and physiologically (animal fats galore) must refrain from meat.

some pics of one of the barbeques ive attended.

a 'multicultural' barbeque (with curry)...

the newly decked back garden..

the south african "poike" (the black pot) , im not really sure how its spelled but they pronounce it as "poy-keh". my south african friends say they'll gift me with one next year (*excited!*). its very good for hob/over fire cooking..if youre cooling curry, the food comes out extra delicious.

because its a BBQ, its very informal..kesehoda the rice cooker-on-top-of-the-table ang show..

my south african friends, were influenced by yours truly, to buy a rice cooker. because whenever they come to the house, they always comment how i cook my rice perfectly. i said, thanks to 'russel hobbs' (the brand of the rice cooker). its as easy as on and they bought one. and they never looked back since. (i am quite influential in the food department within my circle..char).

skewered grilled veggies...i think i had two skewers..super tasty..
tandoori chicken (an indian style of grilling chicken)
potato salad
grilled assorted sausages,chicken and pork belly
assorted grilled veggies and fruits
(*wiping away my saliva while typing this*)

india and british treaty, hehe (my beautiful friend Kiran and her charming husband Zuki) with the gorgeous, muscleman,Adrian.

my wonderful friends: Ragi and Thilak..

a night of serious talk..{Adrian, you're still eating? what the!}

miss universe-minglanilla branch: ahem ahem...bati ang angle..but i dont have any other pics..

more chikkas about life in general

this was the part where Glen, was giving all of us a piece of beef jerky from SA, they call it "biltong"..yummy..

cutting a piece of biltong

mura mi'g last pasa-pasa sa small pieces of biltong haha.

Glen said something serious..

..or maybe not..hahaha

the Donn's newest baby..Lily...she's so adorable..i wanted to kidnap her..

the 2nd BBQ was not photographed for some weird reason.

if you see one barbeque, you practically seen all..


which made me think..

maybe its time for me to take out my cute chinese lanterns and hang it out in the garden??

bring out the garden furnitures?

bring out the chef and ask him to put the grill on?

call some good old company who can appreciate true carnivorous grub

and dish out stories that will make the afternoon fun..

..and if everything else fails..

buy yourself a ticket..

and visit your local hassle, no work on your part and yummy in its nostalgic kind of way..


meat lovers. unite! ;-)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Baking with M (Part 2)

{Photos taken on April 13}

Part 1 is at the previous post..

Photos for a bakery class website.

Session: Artisan baking (French breads)

1) Baguette
2) Pain de campagne
3) Fougasse

some black and white photos of Teacher M..;-)


i enjoyed taking photos of a breadmaking class. if there's food involved, count my enjoyment;-)