Monday, 31 May 2010

Battlesbridge Day with Mama

This blog entry, apart from a way to distract myself from the mystery film Adrian is watching on the television, is also a break from The Boracay Blog series (alleluiah!).

I had to. I was scrounging and looking for the snorkelling pics in my drive, just for some sequence of the blogs, but its not to be found until tonight. So instead of putting it up, i am putting this up instead.

The relief of finding the Boracay albums (which i thought i've lost) reminded me of the relief i had when i had some of Mama's albums retrieved by a genius named Robert. (Robert is a close friend of my brother who maintains everyone's computers in the family).

In October last year, when my Mama was here visiting me, i suddenly had my computer crash on me--in the middle of a big assignment. The assignment was essentially finished but the recent photos from mine and Mama's painting the town red, were not saved on my external hardrive that time yet.

Adrian tried his utmost best to recover the photos (and the documents). He also went to three different computer specialists--all of them charged enormously, but only to recover the default "saved pictures" folder which you can get any other windows operated laptop.

My brother suggested that he will bring the burnt drive to Robert when he goes home in December as it was deemed dead and null, what have i got to lose? Mama was sad that her photos were lost (thank goodness that iv'e saved some on blogs and Flickr and Facebook), and we thought that was the end of the tunnel.

When we followed my family in December, there was the usual jubilation of seeing families, and more than that, the great astonishment that the once declared dead hardrive is still deemed unusable--but has successfully given birth to wonderful photos, and documents that i grieved and mourned for begrudgingly many a nights..All photos (and yes, documents!) intact.

So let me declare hereon that Robert is a genius. and he is your man. Not only is he a good laugh, and a wonderful person (and dad to baby Amor), he doesnt charge hell too.

But let me confirm that, He might have just been giving us leeeway because we feed him endless of Mama's adobo, and ply him with good old Red Horse, so he can sing to his hearts content in the karaoke.

So yeah, i think i just made the biggest and longest incoherent introduction to a blog ever,


Battlesbridge, is a town where you would go if you want to go antiquing if you live down our way. Im sure alot of dealers come to Battlesbridge too as i could see the auction signs for dealers and sellers, but as far as i know that there are also so many towns in England that sells antiques (the whole country is antique FCOL).

photography fanatics: weep and drool (expensive but worth accummulating)

it was such a cold day, but we braved the place.. i realised i didnt take much photos of the antiques this time than the last time i went there with just me and the husband,and when we took Ana with us.

i did however took photos of the very cute attic tea room.


Have a blessed week all of you dropping by this space.

And that may all of you find something precious you have misplaced/lost in your homes.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Boracay Day 2

(Warning : photodump again)

The second day in Boracay was a promise to chill and relax.

We said, we needed to wind down and make use of the beautiful house we rented and a promise that the next few days will be action packed and busy.

The day started with a market tour for myself,mama and karla. We bought supplies for the day (for the sugba sugba).

So this day was spent just lolling about in our bathing suits and enjoying the house.

Tony,Ana and Ruby enjoyed swimming, while some of us decided to lounge and chatted the morning.

The month was January but it was sure warm in Boracay. There was a warm heat during the day, and a cool chill at night, just perfect for going out.

Cousin Tony by this time was hungry and like us was waiting for lunch.

we were lounging and having a laughfest. And obviously the centre of our discussion was the very cute niece Mika.

My mama having her rare "relax" moment. Getting gray hairs plucked was her only obsession.

I love family gatherings like this. The very reason why going home is always special. And were growing bigger and bigger.

Adrian, wet from a morning swim..and just about to get changed and read his books by the sunlounge.

It feels like summer in January for us (Adrian and i).

Ana is a water baby..She loves the beach, swimming, and anything about the water...

In the afternoon, we enjoyed an afternoon of games in the beach..We had the most fun playing water games, and after that, we just enjoyed the afternoon sunset.

That photo above is Karla trying to hide from the paparazzi.

Afterwards we went strolling around the island down our Station..

We tried enjoying dinner outside the lanai, and looked out in the sunset.

We prepared ourselves to see the nightlife in Bora.

cousins who i love..theyre like sisters to me..

The Borapack..

We are growing every year everytime we go to Bora. There are new invites every year to certain special people.

This year, it was Ruby (and baby Mika) as the addition. we also invited my cousin Joan,Sean and Simone, but Joan had weddings that time. (she might come next time).

And yes, the list is growing every year. Why not?

Not everyone may agree with me , but i always think that blessings are best enjoyed when shared with people you love.

Friday, 28 May 2010

sod's law

if you were reading my blog since my multiply days, you probably remember Laura, my classmate and friend.

this might refresh your memory..

Laura is a classmate of mine who celebrated her 21st birthday party in 2008 and i was her photographer.

she texted tonight.

asking for this...

and my reply?

..yes, folks. it happened to me last year, a bride wanted me to do an august 13 wedding at Majorca Spain, but i had another wedding scheduled.

and now this. same day, August 19. Its not even a Saturday. Its a Thursday FCOL (for crying out loud)!!!.

i dont get alot of bookings because of my dayjob (and being a newbie) and i could only do certain months too, but when the rare opportunity comes along, it seems most people are getting married the same dates.

according to Adrian, thats just "sod's law".

i say, thats just life.

Boracay Day 1

Ok, this blog is a photo dump. I need to blog about this while i could do it and have the energy to do so.

I am having summer envy right now. I know summer is here too, but the thing is, the (beautiful) beaches are left at home.

Now unless hubby and i are doing the Maldives (i wish!), i will still have this beachy-dreamy-wistful look in my eyes.


We were a party of 12 (if you include the little baby we had in tow).

At the airport.

Villa Kaloo, the house we rented at Station 1. We were beside Fridays (or to be accurate, an unfinished house was between us and Fridays).

Beside this was also the house we rented last time we were in Boracay, but they were undergoing some remodelling, we had to go for Villa Kaloo.

We loved the airy asian inspired interior and its accommodating rooms (BIG.) The place just speaks of relaxation and chill as you ca see from the sun loungers in the front of the house.

karla, doing some posng infront of the place

at night time..we strolled by the white beaches to look for places to have a snack before having our main meal.

We had a wonderful stroll from the very quiet Station 1 to the more hip (and albeit noisy) Station 2 and bookmarked places we were going to the next few days..

We ended up having a pizza as snack, or what we call, the calm before the storm,haha (yes, before going grocery shopping for food in the house). Aha, thats the beauty of having a rented house with a European kitchen--we made the most of it every breakfast and either a lunch or evening time...


More photos..(and because i have nothing new to blog about).

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Happy birthday my dearest K


what can i say except, you are loved and treasured.

i miss your company and im praying everyday that your visa pushes through.

i/we love you so much.

see u in september (crossing my fingers)...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

i miss you every single day

my mama and i spoke on the phone today and she mentioned how my blog entry about Mika made her smile. she misses her every single day.

Mama keeps saying Mika is a "lola's girl" , saying how she is so fond of her and it aches her that she doesnt see the "apo" as much as she can.

Its funny because that entry was for me, I needed to post some Mika photos on my blog because thats how i remember things, people, and thats how i thresh things out in my system, lay them in words and photos and throw in some sentiments, voila! reflection thats embedded in my brain.

oh i miss this child so dearly.

and i actually regret not taking alot more photos of her.

(well, i did take lots, but clearly, not lots enough to last me the next year).

i find the photos of Mika and her mommy so lovely, because i remember what we were doing that very moment.

i miss my family. I miss this little girl. The girl who changed the dynamics of the family in a single moment because she came into the world.

She holds all our hearts with just one look, one smile. This girl holds the cards.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

hmmmnn, someone's celebrating soon too. her second airport lounge


its her birthday tomorrow, thursday, the 27th.

i wish her good health, and some time to relax.

she works too hard.

and she deserves some swanky good time.


Kharla, is the bestest bestest friend i wish to give to each of my love ones. she will always be there for you, no matter what.

its lovely how she generally prioritises me above herself (proven time and time again).

i can enumerate all the good things she has done for me but there's just too many that its just become the norm in our relationship.

where else can you get someone, who would wake up early for you,and go to the very smelly Taboan, and buy 'bulad' in kilos, and have to go home to change before meeting up with business clients because the 'Taboan' smell clung to her (not to mention posting it to me, --which is a really hard job too, coz they want you to do the package infront of the postoffice customers).

where else could i find someone who is generally a quite 'un'social person but would brave long hours (after work) to meet up and socialise with my friends because she has to deliver stuff in behalf me? (nevermind that she sleeps at ungodly too early hours because she wakes up really early too,lol)

where else could i get someone who would be my driver and chaperone to any function that i need her to?

who would be there for me when i need a shoulder to cry on, whatever time of the day? (or night?).

and someone who would be on the phone who never is bothered when i complain about the same thing over and over again?

that's Karla for you.

i cant even mention some stuff this girl has done for me, and truly i'm grateful for each and every one of them.


i am so happy that the last few years i am now able to shower this lady with some material gifts (but not as big as the ones she has given me all the years).

because when i had nothing, she was there, always giving and never asking anything in return.

and until now, she's still there. ready to jump into action when i need her.

27th of May ---a day God gave me one of my lifes bestest blessings.

Monday, 24 May 2010

my heart

i miss this little person.

i so so miss her, and if only there is a superlative to describe that, i wish i could borrow it and use it in this sentence.

the photos just remind me how wonderful a father my brother is. he goes through lengths for my niece, that i dont remember my father even did for us.

he is a devoted dad, and he gave up alot for this beautiful little person.

he gave up to travel here, he gave up his dreams, and a whole lot more.

but eventhough life may seem not fair for the meantime for him and his family, its all worth it, because he has my niece.

and i think, that alone is worth it.


i cannot wait to have more nieces and nephews from my other siblings.

that will surely make my mom and myself truly happy.

so roi (and suzette), and ana (and future boylet,lol)---do not disappoint.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Happy birthday baby Sis..

Happy birthday dearest are missed and love...=)

Continue being the person that you are..Someone i look up to, and admire.

In my next lifetime, you should be the "ate".x

i so wish i'm there celebrating with you..=)

My dream seminar

Supergirls..all of us..

i love my is always better when there's you around..

ps..some supergirls are not in the photos..i dont have photos of the others in the US and NZ (lynette, ayen,chichi,fil,normita,etc.)

Ps: some supergirls are not facilitating due to lack of time..but you are definitely joining..the better to just enjoy the moment..=)
i.e...Ate Lou, Tita Wi, Maris, Liza and Jopie..and everyone i havent mentioned..x


As most friends know, i am the consummate student. I attend classes, left right and centre, even in the middle of working fulltime, a university degree and a time-consuming hobby=)

Blame it on not having a child and having a husband who believes that 'learning' is a lifelong commitment. The moment he sees me googling classes on the internet, he jumps on the bandwagon and agrees that "that sounds just like you, go for it". Because he is the same. He lectures in a university and teaches in an exclusive 'posh' school because he is tired with slackers wo cant be bothered because their education is free,haha (apart from doing mini courses in Cambridge once in a while). (and yes, this explains the Masters Degree forms i need to fill up by early next year. Again, i blame it on my University dean who sent it out to some of us, my husband found it and somehow is making me lean towards doing it..I so am a masochist!).

So attending seminars/lectures are not new to me, nor will i think i'd ever stop doing it.

I have attended structured seminars and i love them. Even online ones ,i get so much out of it (gosh the friendships and contacts i get from them alone).

So in my head, i have this structured seminar forming in my head. Its not an impossible dream(because i know if people commit to it, it will happen), but it is a dream because the people involved in this are too far away from one another.

This seminar will involve people I know could benefit and would enjoy this day. It will be girl-bonding at the same time and learning something in the process.

Hear me out:

What: The Supergirl Seminar (Maximising Your Supergirl Powers)

Where: In a Beach cottage/or mountain cottage (with seminar room) somewhere in Cebu (where most supergirls are)

Length: 3days 2 night seminar (i wanted it to be a whole week but it wont be feasible for moms, as this seminar will be without our families and entourage).

what to bring: bathing suits/camera/make up kit/writing materials/pyjama and one party dress


Friday :(Date to be finalised)

6:00 AM -travel to destination
9:00 Am- arrival, and start of seminar (registration,LOl, badges with supergirl names will be given)
9:30 AM- Introduction and welcome speech
-Okay, i will be the one to give the speech because i organised ( and probably sponsor) this (bloody) thing,haha)

9:45 Am- 10:00- snacks : cakes and coffee

---- Lecture Proper---

10:00-12:00 - "Supergirl, who are you?" --a lecture and insight into your supergirl powers
(this is with games/writing and sharing/introductions)
-To be done by..(still thinking about it)--any volunteers?

12:00-1:30-- Buffet Lunch (catered by Kusina Habana)

1:30-3:30 - "Photographs by A Supergirl" --
(basic photography class/learning your camera settings) --and finding your photographic style ( facilitated by Aileen Siroy)
(note: bring your cameras: whether digicam or SlR's all have

3:30-4:00- snacks/merienda

4:00-6:00 - "The supergirl writes" -Creative writing to be lectured and facilitated by Chin Kong
-writing from a supergirl perspective -
(bring your notes and pencils/interactive exercise on writing/blogging)

6:00-8:00 - free time (enjoy the beach/pool..if in a mountain lodge, nature walking?)..or better yet, practise what you just learnt

8:00- 10:00pm- Welcome dinner buffet and mingling with everyone (any sponsors please?)

10:00-12:00nn-- Parrtyyy


Next day: (Saturday)

6:00AM- mini breakfast (bread and soup/cereals/oatmeals/coffee)

7:00 AM: Supergirl YOGA -- speaking to the Supergirl inside you
(yoga talk/benefits of yoga, and demonstration and facilitation by Mai Pages- Solomon)

9:00-9:30 am -snack (proper breakfast)

10:00-11:00 -free time.. (shower and getting ready for lunch and afternoon lectures)

11:00-12:30 - sit down Lunch - at resort restaurant to allow chatting and discussion

12:30- 2:30-- "Make-up session (Bringing out your Supergirl sparkle)" --
(Basic make up tutorial/coverage/day/night make up).. By Therese H.and Kaith C.
(Note: bring your make up tools ladies )

2:30-3:00-- snacks

3:30- 5:30-- Self-portraiture/ Photographing The Supergirl (lectured and facilitated by Maimai S. and Aileen S.)
In Lectures will share their self portrait tips and how they do it, and what makes self photography a basic Supergirl power (LOL) taking self portraiture exercises

4:30-6:00-- "Karma Sutra Supergirls: unleashing your powers in the bedroom"
Lectures by Patricia V. and Filipinas SJ.
(interactive lecture about what makes a supergirl's man tick in the bedroom, helpful tips and activities to a have a productive Supergirl bedroom)
(note: PG 18--hehe)

6:00-7:30--- free time (changing into pyjamas)

7:30-9:00--Dinner /Pyjama Party (Dinner sponsored by..??)

9:00-10:30-- .Printing out of photos we took and sharing of Supergirl powers.

13:00-12:00 Partyyy


Sunday (Last day)


7:00-9:30 -Packing

9:30-11:300- "Music Appreciation?Translating music into passion"
(facilitated by Jane G. and Filipinas SJ: listening to different music genres and writing/blogging about it..and finding the Supergirl music)

10:00-11:00- Sharing and forum

11:00-12:00 --Graduation/Handing out of certificates and badges



1:30pm--Head home


Note: No one will be driving so no one can come in late and no one can come out of the group in the middle of the sessions and go home. You are either there or not. You are giving yourself a chance to focus and enjoy without any of the usual day-to-day distractions.

To join the seminar, you would have to be committed to the sessions or the seminar will not be a success.

We would have to hire a coach/bus which will take us there and drop us off our respective houses.

We would also have to make sure that its only 10-12 people per seminar to keep within the time frame.

The first year may be just the Supergirls attending because most of it is sponsored , but the next year will be attended by "the public" for a fee on a first reserved,first attend basis so that we could afford to pay the facilitators and the place/materials/etc...we could not afford to sacrifice the quality of the classes by too many people too.

And the power of the internet will make this seminar popular, because everyone would have to blog about it, eh? =)


Hopefully, this experience will give us an opportunity to bond (even more), learn more from one another (coz come on, lets face it, as much as we read one another's blog, we still don't know one another that much).

In the case of a public attendee outside the supergirls joining it: it will be a way of meeting like-minded people.

Apart from the above, it will be a way to learn new skills or polish old ones: i.e. photography, writing, journalling, blogging, self actualization, fitness, make up, music and so much more.

This is also a journey to self as the programme will allow, "self" moments and coming back and sharing what you found out by going out (in time) with yourself..

But of course the above are just the Aims and Objectives of this seminar..It is very much structured because if not, we will just waste an expensive weekend away from love ones, without gaining anything from it. We could not afford that as time is precious..Specially time away from love ones.


PS: and yes, the programme needs tweaking. i would have wanted to do the following:

a two hour culinary session with Therese Habana as lecturer (the Supercook/and Domestic Supergirl)/

a two hour networking and business facilitation and session with Mimi (the Supergirl networks)/

a book appreciation class with Ayen (Supergirl books and stories)

voice and singing session with Janey (singing acapella/finding your supergirl voice)

A new mom's voice, a Supergirl perspective by Normita (First time Supermoms)

Handwriting and snail mail session with Lynette--maybe posting letters to our superselves/

and painting and sketching session with Patricia and Filipinas (Supergirl art)

Starting Anew--A Supergirls life abroad by Chichi

Fashion with Chin and Kaith (WhatThe Supergirl wears)...

but gosh, i think we need a long vacation for that..LOL

We can rotate the sessions as the current above sessions for the programme were chosen because i thought that theyre what we need and relate mostly to blogging which writing/photography/writing about music/sex-life (duh!)/and fitness (healthy mind and body), were very important as part of the taster sessions..

Maybe in the second year, we could add a Supergirl Seminar part 2 ( which incorporates the other sessions not on the above list), --attended only by those who have done the first seminar..

(whoaaa! lemme stop here).


Its free to dream.

And boy do I dream big! =)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

its almost her birthday


i've always prided on making the most of having a sister. (well, i could also say about that with regards to making the most of my cousins too,LOL).

i made sure that first of all, yes, i am figurehead "ate", yet at the same time, i'm the friend,despite the generation gap.

i'm so lucky 'coz when Ana came here, i realised and knew much much more of her and her passions. Although i have long been proud that i know her well enough to push her in the right direction, i know much more of her too to acknowledge that she cannot be pushed to any direction she doesn't want to go to.

Alot of people (who are not close to us) have this impression that Ana is quite spoiled and pampered. But what a few people only know, that yes, she is pampered and is given such material blessings by the older sister because she doesn't ask, and most often than not refuse to (maybe because i dont wait to be asked and i hate my generosity being refused to,Lol), but spoilt she is not.

She waits when she is given,and what she is given, and actually refuses lavishing her (although i still do). And she actually works hard for them too (great grades always help).

Take the recent example is her birthday this year. i wanted her to have a big party, but she refused that. So we compromised, and still she refused an over-the-top idea i had in mind (she doesn't want a fully decorated room). She said she'll make her own centrepieces if she has to (oh she likes crafty things like that).

If it were up to me, Ana would have had a debut party on her 18th worthy of someone getting married to a prince--but no,no,no. She doesn't want ballroom gowns and ballroom masquerade (coz thats basically "ate"'s idea of a party,LOL), Ana wanted more laidback, beach affair. So we compromised, she had a debut in a beach, wearing a semi- beach gown, 100 guests, catered and DJ'd, and a cotillon. (OK so she got the beach part!)

If you know her well enough she is the exact opposite of me when it comes to socializing. She is actually different to me in most things (but we always have had a bond over food and the creative arts).

She hates having to please other people and smile because she has to (because she's in a party). its not because she is antisocial, she's just normal. It's the "ate" who is overly social,haha.

And as much as she sounds all too 'gushy' and 'young' in most things, discuss serious matters with her, you get the sense youre talking to someone of your own age (the advices i get from her just sometimes makes me speechless).

It must be my fault. I always have laid on her things that i want---sometimes forgetting that this person/individual, although wholly my blood and flesh (since we both come from the same parents, and not because she's my daughter,haha), is an entirely being to herself. But she agrees to most of it though, bless her, because she wants me happy. But all this girl wants is a good time, less fuss, less drama and less 'samok'. But with me as her sister, i think she just has to contend to the fact that until i keel over and die, i still have an 'opinion' on things that she engages in, and things that involve her.

And because its almost her birthday, i just wanted to say that i really appreciate all that she is right now, and all that she will be.


Happy birthday on Monday Kai.

You make me one happy sister.

Friday, 21 May 2010

summer, you crazy bugger

its crazy.

you see yourself caught up in a few cloudy grey days, then bam! summer catches you.

its come early too. it was sending feelers when my sister was here for her visit. and when she left, a week of rain and clouds stayed. and then some.

then now, summer has come full on. apparently this weekend is the start of the hottest month.

i am loving and hating it at the same time.

love that i could just not blowdry my wet hair, and not get a cold/flu after decidedly having the wind dry it. i love that i could just be wearing one layer of clothing and not get a whole jumble into the washing bin.

but i hate knowning that the sun is out and dancing in all its glory, yet im indoors knocking a few thousands off my wordcount on my reports.

i hate that the beach is beautiful under the sun, yet too chillylfor swimming or being near it even.

most of all, i hate that i left the best beaches at home.

and im here, in a land although originally foreign --yet my heart has also start to call home.

so yes, summer, crazy come up behind me and leave me pondering of home. past and present.


here are some photos from my only recent beach experience..
(and probably the only beach experience i will have for this year)

boracay photos always most remind me of childhood summers..

we went and played in the whitest of sands..Pukka beach

we rented this beautiful house for 5 nights..four bedroom palatial cottage. just perfect for a big family.

and spent wonderful time with family, just being in our own little world and pretend we live in the island.


i will be posting my boracay photos soon,.i am so backlogged of photos, and updates, they're not called updates anymore, it will be called up-lates,haha.

(i still have blogs regarding my sister and i travelling around town--and im having a headache trying to catch up.)...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


wouldnt it be nice to feel that you have unloaded and dished out all the nitty gritty of your days?

wouldnt it be so nice just to bawl your eyes out and let persistence try to decipher the sobs?

wouldnt it just be nice to be able to shout when you want to? punch when you feel like it? and eat cake like calories are unheard of?

wouldnt it be nice to be just peeled? naked?


i just dont know what to write, except, im susceptible to deep thinking and pondering right now.

bad habit.


how about you? are you peeled?

or are you fully covered and suffering in silence?

photo: myself, taken by my sister Ana..

Monday, 17 May 2010

i am...

its university day tomorrow and wednesday.

normally id feel 'tired' thinking of the sessions and the uninspiring lecturers i'd have but its different recently. ( and the drive! the drive!... driving 51 miles is not a trek you want just to sit in a cold classroom and get lectures after lectures..and thats just one way.)

but not this time. i have been welcoming the thought of university blahness for the last couple of weeks.

id rather do something that takes my mind off things that is not productive of me.
like my present toothache.

im back on painkillers again.

i fear for my kidneys.

and my memory.


i miss so many people right now. i miss them, and most of all i miss my father.

i wish i had the chance to get him to me before he died.

he was the one who instilled curiosity about cool Britannia for me. my father was a booklover and he introduced me to the Beatles, Princess Diana, the monarchy, Queen and the Sterling pounds. He was also the one who taught me who Mary Quant and Twiggy were, as well as British films.

he would have loved being here. he would have hated the cold, but he would have loved being in england.

the year he died,2007, was the year he was set to travel to me. his passport just been finalised, (and the legality we have to undergo just to get it).

but destiny proved different.

he died before he could send off for his visa applications.

i feel emotional remembering it, but not sad.

i just wish i could have hugged him one more time.


who are in your thoughts right now?


photo: the London Eye from the other side of the bank..

Sunday, 16 May 2010

coffee house romance

there's this little bistro down leigh high street where Adrian and i love to frequent especially after church or whenever when we're about in leigh at lunch time.

Today, we didn't waste time moping about in our pyjamas. (mind you, two extra hours just laying about in bed reading was heaven).

So what to do on a sunday when the weather isn't that great? We ended up in Leigh to have brunch and do some browsing.

Just sharing some photos taken by the iphone.

adrian and i...we love our sunday brunches..

its such a lovely european bistro..and cake house too..x

hers..and his...

love their interiors..and their cakes.

some self-loving

again, myself...and some closed shops just because its sunday.


something to look forward this week:

apparently, the weather's going to be hot and sunny again starting the middle of the week. looking forward to that.