Monday, 19 March 2012

i saw this and i laughed

i saw this on my sister's youtube was a video of their christmas celebration.

this video consists primarily of my very robust (and heavy) two year old niece, Dominique. she is an active ball of energy and i do not know how the parents (my brother and sis-in-law) can lift her without breaking their back..

there was a time,we were worried that Dominique was underweight. that sure aint a problem now. she sure has my side of the family's genes.

i hope she will not end up too big though because i worry for her health.

i love her so much. can u tell?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

why im not giving up

last week,i took a few days off work so Adrian and i could go to our city house to clear it ready to have it rented..i was physically exhausted moving furnitures, packing cartons and moving stuff. that was my exercise for 5 days when i was off the gym.

sadly, it has taken a toll on my energy to go back to the gym. but on tuesday night this week, i came back to the gym, filled with remorse, cholesterol and a few pounds heavier (im sure! because i felt like i was carrying another person when i was on the crosstrainer).

this week, in one of our shopping trips for food,we popped by a store which sells clothes. i was curious if i went back up one more size.

i took a size 16 dress that i like. voila! it was loose.

so i wore this size 14 version of it.

and guess what i found;-)

do not mind the jeans and shoes..i didnt bother to take it off because i was just measuring myself..

imagine this dress with heels on.

i was quite astonished,and amazed. i was expecting to have climbed up or stayed on my size 16 size,but obviously, i was one size down now.

i am so happy, i will continue. and bloody hell, my skin never felt this good without make-up. (if u look at my very haggard face, that is after 8 hours of long slogging work in the hospital,but my skin is clear as ever) ;-)

goes to show how my circulation has improved so well.

see you in the gym,folks!


PS. i am in no way stating i am skinny now,haha, but a size 14 compared to the size 22 that i was on September 26 2010, is no mean feat.. i congratulate myself;-)


so you,out there, who missed your gym a few days because you were tired, or were busy or just felt blah. get the courage to get back there as soon as your body and mind is healed. you'll find out that your body has been loyal even if you abandoned it for a few days. no need to give up. who says we can't rest?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

do i have to?

its now 20 past 7 pm. i just sat down from chopping and marinating my beef for the beef with broccoli dinner, were having tonight.

filled the washing machine with my whites for work and cleared up the kitchen after all the chopping and mixing.

sat down and realised the time. it's gym time.

i wish i could sit around longer. i wish i dont have to go to the gym.

but then i realised i wanted to eat the lovely meal waiting for me tonight.

i want to continue enjoy eating the food i love.

so yes, grudgingly, i will walk up the stairs to change in my gym clothes, get out to the windy chilly night and drive off to the gym in the dark.

but i know, after an hour and a half, i'd feel much much better,and much happier for having given up 1 hour and half of my 'facebook time' to equalize the food i am jus about to enjoy tonight.


do u get moments like these too? like me, i argue and weigh with my own self why i don't want to, but why i had to go to the gym.

everytime i argue this is not about the weight, but this is about living healthier, then i actually listen to my reason more.


i am glad my 'good' self seems to be winning the past few months.

sige na! gym nata!