Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mika turned 3

my niece Dominique or Mika (sometimes Dom) just turned 3.

she had a strawberry shortcake themed party at her lola's home (my mothers') where she invited her cousins and some neighbours' children to partake of her small party.

it was a very simple party, (kids are so easily pleased,they can never tell an expensive party from a cheap one,haha) all that matters to her was that she was fed and had a beautiful cake and had little kids over to celebrate with her and her mom and dad.

photos from my sister and cousin Ruby Mae ;-)

cake from the fabulous The Cupcake Theory...Thank you Ninang Arvy Lopez ;-)

look at her happy face

it was a simple party to celebrate our little Domdom

she is the only baby in the family

She had wonderful guests,too;-)


cousin Apollo

Tita Ninang Kharla

Tita Texy

Uncle Victor and Uncle Boy.. her lolos

giving a warm hug to her tita Kharla.


our little Mika has a mind of her own when dressing. she has shoe fetish (keeps asking me to buy her 'boots' and socks over skype ), and her taste in dressing reminded me of something i photographed on the catwalk.

thank you to Mika's tita Nana who was organizer and part benefactor of the birthday party.. <3

you did a great job tita Ana ;-)