Friday, 31 December 2010

Last New Year's celebration..and a new year song

Last New Year celebration was held in Cebu in my Mama's house.

Im sure there are stark contrasts from last year's celebration from this year's one, not least the faces who we celebrated with last year wouldnt be around to celebate with us.

Adrian waiting for 12 midnight (and my brother's leg in the frame)...ROi, cheeky as ever.

i feel old every year...:-(

our spread...

a little sparkle for the new year

Adrian making the attack on the cute and bubbly and favourite sister Ana posing for the cam (Roi looking like your friendly neighbourhood alcoholic 'tambay" singing his guts out to the karaoke)

me singing and wearing a cracker hat..oh we do love our karaoke:-)

Kharla and Tony just arrived (looking tired)...Ana banana:-)

Tony deciding whether she wants to sing karaoke..and decided, no, shed sit it out for the moment

Tony and Kharla partaking of the buffet (while Ana collapsed in the back,LOL)..Adrian was looking at how Kharla abused his ham,haha..

these two have been the best cousins i could ever have asked from heavens..i wish you cousins like them:-)

Tony , enjoying the new year spread (i miss her )..And a wish of a better year..


i wonder what this year's photos would look like.


have a blessed new year to you my friends and love ones.

i wish you my favourite new year song: (i get emotional whenever i hear this on the radio)

Blessed new year to anyone dropping by this page:-) i wish you all the lovely things and most especially health and great moments with your loves in 2011.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

the christmas we shared..(4th year)

Christmas Fairies Giftgiving (24th of December 2010).

Dearest Therese, Lynette, Aileen and Jane (and the rest of the supergirls who always supported and cheered this on, and wanted to help but just wasn't able to)..

I have had an epiphany this year, that on giftgiving, i will not be putting up photos of it for personal reasons.

i have been putting the last photos (in multiply) the last few years' but to contacts only, those who know me or on my (blogspot) blog which only a few people know.

i have no intention of putting it up, because ever since the experience from last year of witnessing the event myself, it was such a sacred experience, that i feel it should be kept sacred and private to only those who do care for it. the privilege of showing it will only be to those who care enough to ask, or who are supporters like you and those who were part of it (like my family and yours) are welcome to download the photos and do as you like with them and share them to your love ones you deem part of it, you have all the right to do so.

i have loved this cause, as it was a baby i conceived (and as you know, i haven't conceived any in my lifetime,haha), and you guys have supported all the way through and loved too, which i am so thankful for..i know this doesn't mean much to alot, but they cannot account for nor comprehend the people's faces when we were there last year and saw it for ourselves. [*it was touching to say that the old man who received his christmas food and walking all the way down to the bottom of the hill, carrying in one hand his loot,and a big chunk of a tree that has fallen down by the street, on his other shoulder. I was too emotional, my reflexes were too slow to grab for my camera and take a picture.}

To say the least, these photos were taken because of you who supported it and were not there to witness it.

One day, we will all be there. We will all be blessed to see the magic that happens when we share what little we have. That day, there will be no need for cameras because the pictures are for you out there who have supported this and cannot see the fruit of your labor.

One day we will all be there. Personally handing out our hearts to these families, to these children,and there are no cameras needed, and the memories etched in our brains are the best snapshots, which are framed forever until our last breaths.

You guys are one of the kindest, most generous people i love..I am awed to be friends with you..

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


See the faces of the kids you made happy. The pictures, dont do justice to what you hear, the emotions you feel when handing it out..


PS. i thank my family: Mama, Auntie Inday and Kharla for doing the hardwork for the days prior to this event and on the day..I thank my cousin Tony for her photos.


PS. the goodies that you sent had to be divided for around almost 150 kids

praying that next year, we can still do our little christmas get-together with these families and kids..

the scrumptious chocolates that heaven sent..karla and mama preparing the snacks

the christmas packs for the families..and the snacks for the participants

volunteers and helpers packing the chocs and goodies you sent..a little kid who benefitted from it

look at their eager faces

you know,we are getting more and more families and children participating each mother said "sus, diri ra mi makatilaw ug pinaskuhan ug pahalipay". it shames me that i get so much expensive gifts every year and them who have so little get hardly anything.

the look at these children's faces just blow me away each time..

all ages..young and old could could partake in a little bit of something.

the brothers, the nuns and the priests at St.John, they are so thankful that we could do this.
but it is I, that feel thankful to them that they allow us to do so..its nothing.

for me giving up one christmas party and a christmas gift for myself to be able to do this is nothing, compared to the equal lasting happiness to make (at least, but there were more than) 50 families experience a little joy is more lasting than opening another bottle of perfume or jewelry from Adrian.

we give because we want to say we care..we give thanks that we can do so..
God is great.. He gave me my family to be my hands to do this even me without being there..

Until next year..


Facts about The Christmas Fairies:

The aim of the Christmas Fairies is to extend happiness during the christmas season. To give more smiles and less hunger on christmas day.

There are groups who are into more sustainable causes (like education and livelihood) which are such wonderful causes which the fairies are wanting to pursue, unfortunately, due to the lack of manpower and the geographical distances of the fairies from one another, it is not feasible at the moment.

This is a non-profit, non compulsory,and no-commitment-asked organisation.

We value time and volunteering in packing,and distribution which the fairies need more than ever.

For donations, only in-kind donations are accepted (and time), no cash accepted.


See you there next christmas:-)

one of those days

its one of those days that i feel like crying. weirdly, both for some happy and not-so-happy events.

the sad thing is, i don't have anyone to say it to, because everyone is either asleep (darn time zones!), or they cant be bothered to listen to it.

and although there is the someone who may be always willing to listen, but they have too much good news from their part, i didn't want to spoil it for them. i love them too much to burst the bubble they're floating in.



it's one of those days like that picture there. the men looking into the seas that border their land, their heritage, but they cant swim in it coz its too dangerous.

it's somewhat like that. i am looking out to something i am part of, but i am not welcome there.

and there is where the pain lies.

{tamil nadu, india.}

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

the christmas we had (from my phone)

i blame my iphone whenever i feel lazy to pick up (my very heavy) camera to take photos. with the advent of phone cameras and easier way of sharing them, sometimes, makes it easier just to snap using the phone.

it doesnt help, i did itunes shopping the last week for some new apps for social networking and camera apps. the iphone is indeed an addiction once you own one.

some pics in between moments..using the phone.

the tree

the tree again

the Cathedral

the hubby

another view of the tree

the china dresser

the dinner before noche buena: pizza and beer (well, diet soda for me,haha)

a point of interest by the tree..i love my computer cables..theyre so cute,even if theyre just electrical cables.

another view of the tree...different lens (apps) used.

noche buena

the christmas day harvest

the noche buena leftover

waiting for the turkey meal..chatting to Mark

posing for me

glass artist, environmental activist..lovely person

watching Shrek 4 DVD..

engrossed with their toys

the board games..we play around 3 board games during boxing day

a snack before we left...


im thinking of reviving my mobile-photography website which i started last year when i got my phone.

i love how the apps turn photos give the analog feel.

here's the website.

CLick here: PEKELOMO


happy phone-pic-taking! :-)