Thursday, 4 March 2010

picnic stories

my sister and i have planned so much for the coming days.
its no secret i'm still in university for two days and and also in placement for the first two weeks she's here. plus, i'm also studying at some days for my assignments.

all the planned activities may sound too hopeful but hopefully not.

but heres hoping all our plans are going to come true.

so what have we planned so far?

-picnic at the nearby wildlife park
-trips to london town at least once a week. (Spitalfield market, Portobello Market road,etc)
-watch another westend theatre show (Lion King? Chicago? Wicked?)
- watch a movie or two: Alice in Wonderland (in 3D)
-a barbeque in the garden
-exercise (yes, she promised to kick me to start using my gym memebership,LOL)

(Ana feel free to remind me what else i havent included in this list)

she's on her way

i am looking forward to the next few days.

my sister is arriving.

were meeting her at the airport at 6 am and we cant wait.

please wish a small prayer for her. a prayer that will get her to me, safe, happy and healthy.

she helped in cooking when she was here last year

this was when we watched the 4D entertainment before the London Eye ride

she actually is geeky in her downtime

and even if she doesnt admit it, she likes her photos taken by "ate".