Wednesday, 9 November 2011

dimsum satisfaction

one of our new finds in soho area.

we have our usual favourites but it was a saturday where London seem to have grown thrice in tourist population,so we decided to try their dimsum.

at Leong's Legend


waiting for our number 11 red bus;-)

the date and i;-)

8 meat dumpling..;-) (adrian had a plateful each)

2 orders of prawn and chive dumpling...and pork shiu bun

pork belly wrap;-)

the lady in question

the prawn siomai (Adrian and i had one plateful each: our fave).. and Leong's braised belly (just like my Mama's humba, i swear im going back for this)

Adrian's special fried rice;-)

my egg fried rice;-)

King prawn steamed in oyster sauce

we were there just half past 1pm..lesser people, and not too embarassing to take pics

the restaurant;-) (whoever is coming to visit me in the UK should remind me to take them there)


after a hearty lunch, we did some shopping in Oxford street, and ended up in Selfridges..
we headed home around 7 pm;-)

at night, on the way home..


truly, the lunch was worth the day;-)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

living the dream

I have always dreamt and wanted to live in the countryside. and here we are. living it. best of all, i get paid to live here.

its what we wanted and more.

A...for awesome.

the view from the sitting room..

the holes in the grass are caused by the rabbits who dug out the seeds for the grass to grow.
adrian was annoyed while i found it funny.

Adrian looks like he is bigger than the house..thats perspective for you,lol

the castle on the hill

our little gingerbread cottage from the bottom of the garden

surveying the land

the neighbour's semi detached properties

just came from work so excuse the extra-haggard face;-)

i told him to suck his guts in,hahaha;-)such a trooper,my husband;-)

a little bit wild still..but we like it like that;-)

such a big plot for a tiny cottage..;-)

"excuse me, while i get back to work--look"


my lazy update for y'all...;-)