Thursday, 31 March 2011

no saint

forgive me my kidney
for i have sinned.

my last 'bagoong' (fish paste) was months ago.

i promise to make up with healthier food,and natural (fruit) diuretics once i get over this craving.


have you been naughty? or nice?

what have you done which you were not supposed to do?

care to share? (for general patronage only please,LOL).

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

missing my sister Ana and Spitalfield market

after work tomorrow, i'm off to the city for some banking business.

and i will be on my own.

i remember the time, exactly this time last year, my sister was here enjoying the sunshine of spring with me.

i cant wait until i'm having her here again.

her and my mama. i cannot wait.

saw these photos on my external drive.

photos from last year:

lunch at the Real Greek

at piccadilly circus

having coffee and cakes at leicester square

sorry for these late posting,Kai. i tend to post special items quite late as i savour their meaning on my own for a long time. these photos are special because they hold so much meaning for me.

i miss you.


torn between two love(r)s

feeling like a fool

loving both of you

is breaking all the rules. -(from a song by Mary Macgregor)


there are days when a decision has to be made.

dark today. milk tomorrow.

PS. if you were here, id half it with you.

there's no issue until you make one

my filipina friend,a nurse in the hospital, told me a funny story today. she thought i could relate to it as i am visayan.

she said she scolded her housemaid for posting a facebook status that said, "i need lube as per kuya's orders".

she immediately rang her philippine home and asked for her husband (who she said had a history of womanizing) but he was at work.

so the maid got the brunt of the scolding, why was she wanting a lubricant. "anong pinaggagagawa nyo dyan ha!. Bat kailangan mo nang lube. Bakit kailangan ng kuya mo?".

The maid was ever so apologetic and said "Ay ati, nakalimutan ko kasi ang tagalog ng lube (lu-be) eh, gata pala. Kasi nag request si kuya ng ginataang manok, tapos ang layo pa naman ng bibilhan ko ng lube,ay gata".

My friend was so embarassed. Of all to doubt a hapless helper.

But this sure made me laugh today.


Im sure the helper is scratching her head why her 'ate' was making so much fuss about her innocent FB status. ;-)

however,there are simply some things that translate crepes/krepa/creppa, for example..

[a market stall in prague that specializes in things that are sinfully delicious]

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


it was so sunny on sunday that even if we left for church at 4pm we had more of it.

the city was unusually quiet. it might have been because it was just after the TUC protest rally the day before.

the church was so beautiful drenched in sunlight, which i wasn't used to for the 5:30pm mass (normally when we go to this time schedule,its dark outside). (imagine the priest at the grand altar, spotlighted by sun streaming through the cathedral's colour-tainted windows).

my family who have been here can attest why when in the philippines we detest being in the throes of humid-heat, while here i adore the unusual sunny-ness. its because, when its sunny here, there is no humidity, just perfect temperature (you wont get sweaty) and the beauty of england shines under the glare of signal's the start of spring-summer.

after church, i had to buy my supplies of phonecards at a filipino store,and a dinner at a new found restaurant.

some photos of the day.


waiting for 5:30pm. this was about 5pm.

so he thinks he's cool, let him believe it (because i do too). i love him to pieces.

i always remember my sister Ana whenever i have a Victorian sponge...its (one of) her fave cakes.

i love Costa's coffee..they always have two espresso shots as minimum

one of Costa's branches just at the square across Westminster Cathedral


went to the filipino store. adrian and i thought of going to earls court Zizzi branch for some pasta.

when i was inside the filipino store buying my supplies, he passed by this hidden thai restaurant just near the store.

he suggested we try it.

so we did.

the yummy yummy starters

he was chatting and telling me about finding this nook. it was hidden and quaint. he felt good about finding it:-)

fried crispy fish in sweet and sour sauce (L) and king prawns in black and bean sauce (R)

mixed vegetable stir fry and special fried rice for adrian

our favourite pad thai..this one was one of the best we've had

pork in ginger, coriander soy;-)

fried banana's for dessert (mine)

lemon sorbet


he said to me he missed going out on regular dates with me eversince i became a student.

we both look forward to the coming months as we both know i will no longer be a student soon (who feels guilty being away from her books).

Monday, 28 March 2011

what is?

how does sleepless and stressed look like?


- eating loads (carbo,protein,chocolate overload and according to some: the more alcohol content the better)

- stops brushing hair

- stops looking in the mirror and grooming is last on the agenda

- stays in pyjamas the whole day when at home

- talks to self all the time. sometimes argues with self.

- forgets the name of people in the household and calls partner as "hey' and mostly with a request attached to sentence

- word finding problems

- stops in the middle of the road,and shouts "aha!/eureka!" and jots it down on the notebook attached to their hip 24/7

- obsession over word count and methodology

- hates the word "ethnographic, empirical and phenomenological" with passion

- and has plans to retire as soon as June comes.


i love these textiles decorated around our study building.

i'll miss the creative vibe the uni gives at times were munching donuts and sipping double shot latte over arguments whether the study was peer reviewed or not.

i love the intellectual banter and jibes tossed around when part of our brain is worried about hand over deadlines and increase in parking tickets in our workplaces.

i will miss this.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


so many things to smile about.

i am extremely happy.


thank you, heavens for:

-sunshine/long sunny days

-long extended sleep

-for romantic surprises

-wonderful conversations

-lovely food

-for family

-for friends

-and for dreams (almost) coming true ;-)

-and also for life lessons i will never forget ;-)

earth hour cooking frenzy and last sunday

last night, i had my stepson come over for dinner. i cooked Adrian's favourite meatballs in tomato and bean sauce (the sauce not in picture), and humbocktail for me (humbocktail is humba with cocktail juice, its braised porkchop as opposed to pork belly in cocktail juice and soy sauce).

i was good at taking pics before we ate. but when we sat down for the meal, i lost the will to concentrate. plus we ate in candlelight due to earth hour. it was really nice just hearing the crickets and our conversation without the buzz of electrical appliances all around.

the finished product. when i cooked the sweet tomato and bean sauce for this,it was ready to pour and eat..i did not take the pic;-(

the mama's recipe..and i still could not get it the way she does it;-)


when i downloaded the pics on to the computer, i found pics i took last sunday.

the carrot cake we bought from the Saturday market at Southbank.

the belgian chocolate brownies..;-) moist .the kind that sticks to your teeth...i love.

and our sunday dinner last week.. i cooked egg on sirloin steak;-)


i have not much going on in my life for the moment, except academic books and work..and food;-)

and food looks better in pics than my books, i tell you.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

public service announcement from my heart


dearest friends who are mums or who are interested to do something unique this summer: here is something i'm doing for my sister. helping her for her internship as public relations for Arts Magnate to spread this announcement.
Hey friends Active on FaceBook and/or have
Vast Networks & Friends, especially in Cebu,

I hope you're all having a great week! We're
offering some really fun and valuable
workshops this Summer 2011 — for Children and Adults!

it a Summer to Remember !!!

...…for you, your family, friends, colleagues
and networks!
For more information please visit/like our FB page:

(Only 20 seats per class, so sign up now!)
If i was in Cebu right now , id definitely join;-)
or have my child join. besides, Arts Magnate is
reknowned for their great teaching techniques
and teachers. (and of course,their wonderful
interns, ehem ehem, bangka,Kai ha!,LOL).
Also,spearheaded by the aspirational Padma
Mangharam Siap, how exciting does this get?
Call Arts Magnate at 32- 511 8594 or 32- 268


their poster on their FB site;-)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


it's amazing how one piece of packet
holds so much
of home.


a rare find in the asian store;-)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

a short stop at national portrait gallery

last tuesday exactly, while i whiled my loneliness in the city and killed time in trafalgar square, i decided to have a pitstop at the national portrait gallery.

i was in luck because of a free exhibition of Mary McCartney's photos at the bookshop gallery. they normally feature artists when they have a book to promote.

Mary McCartney is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, who also was a photographer and campaigner until her death. Mary is also the sister of UK designer Stella McCartney.

the best luck of all was that i was alone when i stopped by. so i took the opportunity to take some photos of the small gallery.

the gallery..from where i stand

the ever usual self-portrait stance..even the most famous do it;-)

the deserted gallery..i love the peace.

a famous shot of Dame Helen Mirren can be seen from the side..

the iconic campaigner and designer Vivienne Westwood

photos of her family..Stella on a horse..Mary's mum Linda and Stella in one of those intimate bonding moments

and of course, myself.. if you can make me out from the silhouette of shadows, i applaud you, :-)

a lonesome little snack at Pret Organic Kitchen.

a tuna toastie..and organic latte

some pics of the Pret kitchen;-)