Sunday, 3 February 2013

a tale of two cities

Adrian celebrated his birthday in Manchester City and London over the weekend (from Friday the 25th  plus Monday and Tuesday).

It was a meaningful celebration as his son was just recovering from a recent accident. It was about family and close friends.

Although i did not take pictures of the city (we have been to Manchester many times before, and took many photos then), both Manchester and London are ties Adrian and i could not break away from. 

He has and all of his families are there. And our closest friends in the country live in London.

Just like my umbilical cord is tied to Cebu forever.

some pictures over the weekend of the beautiful places we have been to. 

the Trafford centre in Manchester is one of England's biggest shopping malls.
on a weekend, you are more likely to bump into a footballer's wife or girlfriend
or a reality tv star in this massive shopping complex.
We went there for lunch, and for me to buy some toiletries which i forgot to bring with me (i know!).
I never ever forget toiletries, but the bag, which holds all my toiletries, my hairdryer, and all bits and bobs for self-preservation (from moisturiser, to eye make-up remover) was still left in the frontroom when Adrian was loading the car. 
So it was his fault basically. My fault too, because i didn't check if he loaded the car with all the bags i needed to take. moral lesson: whenever he says, "all bags are in the car, always check,lol".

On Monday, Adrian's real birthday (28th), 
we went to London to renew my passport and to have lunch and tea in the city.
This is what greets you when you get off Tower Hill station. 
Another addition to the skyline is the very tall The Shard (that pointy glass building).
Im tempted to show old photos from before where that building wasn't in view at all. 
Maybe some other time.

Around lunch time, Adrian and i had to dash to a quick lunch, as i was given an hour out of the embassy for lunch and come back for the biometrics.
So we decided to go somewhere quick (Yo Sushi to the rescue!). 
So much for romantic birthday lunches. 
We made it up by having tea at the charming cafe in The National Gallery. 
And browsed their bakeshop,too. And bought some nice stuff from the gallery shop,too. (LOL)

After the tea, we headed back home to meet our friends. 
We had reservations to eat at a local steak restaurant, 
but our friend C was still recovering from jetlag from her recent holiday in Thailand, 
and she also was feeling fluey.
We ended up getting chinese takeaway and ate in their house. 
It was unexpected, spontaneous and just felt right.
Most of all, Adrian was happy.


I will post some pics from Adrian's birthday on the next blog. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

caged..but in a happy way

(photo: a caged dancer in Taste of London Festival)

the weather is playing funny beans at the moment.

on wednesday, it gave us a taster of what spring is like, and although winter is so beautiful to the eyes, its a pain when you have to get up early in the morning to go to work and go visit patient's houses as a job.

(side note: although i go out and about for my job, and yes, it is a pain to be out in the cold, but because we live in the beautiful part of Norfolk, i get to visit the most beautiful cottages. houses and even manors that have amazing old ancient fireplaces. makes you pinch yourself if indeed you are in sleep and dreaming like a part of english books).

last night, just as adrian and i thought of having a picnic (and call friends) for a little picnic at the Sandringham grounds, the news dropped a bomber and forwarned us with snow showers. we thought, maybe it may not happen.

this morning, i woke up to frost in the garden again. it wasn't sad, but it's just the beautiful european weather telling us to wait for spring to finally stay and announce its arrival in full force.

for now, im cooped up in the house, in my dressing gown still. but happy that there is an unlimited supply of filtered ground coffee, cream tea and hot choco with mallows (my choice!) to run to when i have the chills.

for now, i'll enjoy this excuse to be indoors. read books that have been loaned to me from last week, catch up on emails, skype bestfriends..better yet, read blogs--and blog! 

keep warm, loves.