Tuesday, 12 June 2012



and this


i'm happy to be going back for a visit this weekend.

looking forward to be in my old favourite nooks and crannies in my first (UK) city love.

PS. the Queen had a garden party at Sandringham today. hence the traffic,and the deluge of luxury 4x4s that passed the house. one day, i will get invited to that.. x (libre ang mangarap! teeheee!!! ).

Monday, 11 June 2012


i was reading through old entries in this blog. some details of some events were blurry to me and reading them again, was so nice.

it has given me a renewed sense to keep going. no matter how sometimes time consuming it is to blog. after all, it benefits me, as it will remind me of how life was for me at the moment in captured time.

here's an update, or more appropriate to be called, 'uplate'.

some photos taken one saturday in the town.  (King's Lynn)

we found a buffet restaurant that serve's Asian buffet: chinese dishes mostly, a little indian and a few maki rolls as their japanese samplers. this was a cheap lunch, considering its a very popular restaurant in the town.

The Gourmet plaza.. there were many tourists and passersby as well locals entertaining guests.

a sample of Adrian's plate: a mixture of Asian and English ;-)

after the heavy lunch,we explored the town more.
we ended up at the cultural centre called The Corn Exchange, 
where concerts and shows and exhibitions are held regularly.

the top half of the Exhange.. it had a unique Velux-type with art ceiling.

that day, the Great Norfolk Antique Exhibit was having a display.
The curious cat and babe called Adrian and myself went to see what was on offer.

beautiful antique coloured mineral bottles (war era)

some antique knick knacks

more decorative memorabilia

outside the Exchange, a very large car park called Tuesday Market Place which does exactly what its called, a market area every Tuesdays. 
(remind me to check it)

this blog entry just reminded me to explore more of King's Lynn which is a historical town. 

I will. 


Sunday, 10 June 2012

sunday food

had eggs benedict today for breakfast. (well, technically, its eggs florentine, coz i used salmon instead of ham, but thats being too technical,haha).

this breakfast was a special request by adrian.

i love cooking. 
(one day, i will enroll in one of the culinary schools here in the UK) 

my number 1 customer.
he gave the seal of approval

i've been making egg's benedict for some time, but i always wanted to make my own hollandaise sauce. so i asked my brother Roi how to. well,as i imagined, even his shortened version is still too much work for me. so i stuck to my Maille brand of hollaindaise. as far as hollandaise sauces go,it still tastes good.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

because i am sad, i needed to write..

or simply post pictures..

i arrived home emotionally spent from a very emotional day at work. someone had a very bad tragedy, and i felt i carried the emotions home with me.

to top it all, i was really homesick.

to top it all, i was hungry.

to top it all, its raining heavily (after a few days of glorious sunshine, bar Sunday), and the skies really dark, reminiscent of winter (therefore,i conclude i definitely have SAD / seasonal affective disorder, i must do)

here are some happy pictures for me. (or the recent one i could get to,without having to download loads).

driving to nowhere with Adrian..we argue like cats and dogs in the car, and we laugh like 
giddy school kids in the car, we sing to top of our voices, we shout because we disagree how the 
maneuvers the lanes, what can i say, we cant bear to be with one another, we cant live without the other.

my lovely sunglasses. it reminds me of an old pair, an old life.

my exercise regime is showing results. albeit the visual physical result is slowing down now,
 and the results are more of the nonvisual results :
(BP, blood sugars, energy levels, tolerance to exercise), 
i do not have the tethering feeling of someone who is constantly watching what i eat, 
or counting calories, because i know,even if i do not lose the weight, 
the goal after all is to be/feel healthier. and i do.

in 3 months and she is turning 3 years old.
just pure happiness.


(ps. i ate a ready-bake baguette, a quarter of a camembert cheese and some parma ham,
suddenly, i feel more like myself again).