Monday, 14 January 2013

today, snow arrived.

... and boy, is it beautiful.

i wish i could capture the magic of snow's beauty on our village this weekend.

i pray it would still be snowing (safely) til the weekend so i could take photographs (if i wake up early enough,that is) .


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Morning, awaiting... snow?

It's the second Sunday of the month, and news are circulating about impending big snow in the country.

When i do not doubt the veracity of the weather news, i am also thanking the heavens that we are experiencing a mild ( and even sunny!) weekend. I am sure the rest of the country is having snow at the moment while I am having a nice warm weekend (well, warm in winter standards).

Adrian and i tend not to plan anything for snowy or really cold weather because of the traffic and possible disruptions on the road. Hence, this weekend was supposed to be an indoor weekend. To top it all, it's supposedly a rest from a really emotional weekend we had just last week after his son had an accident (he is far from being critical now, thank you, God).

Quarter of Saturday was spent in my pyjamas and i was eventually persuaded by Adrian to go to the shops to buy food. The night was spent snuggling to watch and catch up on our box sets. (and watching DVDs from friends and family who gave us them as christmas presents).

Today, i sit here in the comfort of our tiny living room, second lot of washing done (i love the whirring sound of the washing machine, don't you?), while i sip my coffee. I wait 'til Adrian wakes up from his beauty sleep for me to start our brunch.

The rest of the afternoon has to wait and see. I'll let the weather decide for me.

from the condensation on the windows, you can tell how cold it is outside. 
while it's warm inside the house.

excuse the "sinampays" on the radiators (behind the couch). 
we resort to hanging our clothes on warm radiators as we cant hang them outside