Wednesday, 4 September 2013

i ate a lot of humble pie...and got sick

i ate a lot of humble pie the last few days for a booboo that i did (work related).

sometimes, my brand of stupidity amazes me. i cannot believe that i can be known as this organized and be anal in one extreme, and be such a klutz at a totally important thing. (nope, not patient related, thank goodness, just some paperwork i have not ticked off the to-do list-- but quite an important one).

lesson learned. never rely important matters to people especially reminders. at the end of the day, they wash their hands of their responsibility while, i, mrs. honest-at-everything-im-so-square, ends up the poster girl for being the lesson to learn from.


i have been really hard on myself.  a lot of people have told me that i whip myself endless for something really trivial and could happen to anyone and has happened before numerous times, and may happen again to other people.

i tell them, yes, but its them. not me. 'work' is something i take pride in, and i take great amounts of concentration and passion on. having to learn that i, too,  could do something annoying like this, disappoints me no end.

i have yet to 'talk' and befriend myself once again.


also, i reflect on my errors. unlike maybe some other people, who do not reflect as much, may end up doing it again. i, for a fact, tend to learn quite hard. even to the detriment of myself.


therefore, i am human, after all. no matter the accolade, the compliments, the plaudits i accomplish at work, i still get "earth-to-chelo" moments like this.

but i hope this will be the last.


the good news is: i still have a job, and bosses and colleagues who now joke endless about me being as dysfunctional as they are, and that they are welcoming me open arms.

there is a positive to this, after all.


bring on, next month, please!

NOTE: and because i was so distracted on this annoyance.. i was chopping carrots furiously the other night, i almost included my finger in the curry. i sliced a top off my left index finger. i tell you, this little bugger of a wound is nothing but a mere millimetre or so, but it hurts like a freck. The nail is sliced on the middle (that cheap knife was amazing! its so sharp!) and today, when i accidentally hit the finger on the dashboard (as you do, forgetting that you have a sore finger), it clicked the nail and dug into the wound and i cant unclick the nail back (i have short nails), so basically, it's dug and lodged itself into the already sore wound. i tell you, when it rains where i am, it doesnt only flood, it gets me effin tsunami. 

well, i hope whoever you are, friend or family or curious bypasser reading this, keep the smile, because you dont have my troubles.. and yes, i am smiling too, despite. because i have a family that loves me (booboos and all), and a whole bunch of friends who genuinely care.